Finn is the second-in-command to Ronin in the Leafmen army.


Due to his minor part, not much is known about Finn, personality wise, but it's hinted that he is serious like Ronin, but not quite to his level, considering his wide smile at Nod resigning, and his former remark about the boy.

Finn also shows great sympathy to Ronin after Tara's death, and expressing genuine concern for the general.


Finn has a minor role in the movie; his name isn't even mentioned by anyone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat -
  • Enhanced Agility -





Finn: (to Ronin, about Nod) Here comes your star pupil.

Ronin: (turns to see Finn grinning widely after Nod quits, and is not amused) What are you looking at?
Finn: (quickly loses his smile) Nothing! I have no opinion on this. (heads for other Leafmen) Everyone, mount up!

Finn: (rides up to Nod on his bird, before the final battle) Are you ready for this?
Nod: (modestly) Are you kidding? We're outnumbered, out of time, and the fate of the world is at stake. Why'd I quit again?
Finn: See you up there. (flies off)


  • Despite his small role, Finn is moderately popular in the Epic fandom.
  • Other than the main characters, Finn is the most distinctive Leafman in the army.


  • He is voiced by Tom Wilson.
  • Finn's name is never mentioned anywhere in the movie, but it's in the end credits. [1]


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