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Nim Galuu

Nim Galuu is a glowworm Jinn that lives in a tree. He is voiced by Aerosmith member Steven Tyler.


Nim Galuu has an easy going personality. He keeps every intel on what the creatures of the forest do, through his scrolls.


Ronin, Nod, Mug and Grub as well as Mary Katherine came to see him through Queen Tara's instructions as to what to do with the pod. Nim Galuu kept very detailed records on what to do with it; but part of the document was missing (taken by Mandrake). Nim also found Mary Katherine a document on what to do to restore her to her normal self.

He later made a small appearance at the Battle of Moonhaven and officially introduced the new queen.


  • (trying to trick Mandrake): "and when you see the Janitor with the weird eye..."
  • (while singing): "don't worry your heads, it says right here the queen is......(gulps)" right back!!"


  • If the word 'Galuu' is said quickly, it sounds like 'glue'. Indeed, this is what Mary Katherine mishears it as.
  • It would seem he is not massively bright; he requires the scrolls for knowledge and Mary later informs him that 'he never knows what he's saying!'. This is possibly just an insult.
  • Nim Galuu is one of 4 characters to sing. The other 3 are a trio of flowers.
  • Nim Galuu He is Voiced by Steven Tyler who also voiced Elf Lieutenant and Elf Singer from The Polar Express,