Nod's Racing Bird is a sparrow that Nod came across and used to get around the forest, after he lost his Hummingbird when he was attacked by Boggans. When Ronin saw the bird he wasn't pleased with it and after he and Nod fought about it, Nod got on the bird's back, told Ronin that he quit being a Leafman and went to join and take part in Bufo's Bird Races.

After Queen Tara was killed and when her Pod needs its caretakers - Mub and Grub - to stay with it at all times and Ronin's hummingbird couldn't take the wait of him, the caretakers and Mary Katherine Bomba; Ronin decided to put Nod's choice in "birds" to use. As it carried Mub and Grub to Nim Galuu.

In the Bird Race - when Bufo "paid" Nod to lose - one of the racers tried to make sure that he losses by tossing an insect that made his racing bird steer away from the track, until Nod managed to get back on track and win. Bufo had planned to keep the bird after he "got rid" of its rider, but Ronin stepped in and they took the bird with them. MK's time riding it with Nod had helped her develop the skills to ride one of the Leafmen's Hummingbirds.