Hello! This is my first blog ever, so I'm going to make my first a tricky trivia, well probably not that tricky, well what I mean is hard, but also easy, I mean some are hard, and others are easy, I mean....Fun!!!! There will only be a few questions, and you have to answer in the comments. Then check the answers at the bottom of the page. Have fun!! Here goes nothing!:D

First Up....

1. Who said "Just because you haven't seen something, doesn't mean it's not there."

2. What is the name of the Flower Child?

3. Who voices Mandrake?

4. How do Nod and MK keep in touch after she goes back to real size?

5. What 2 creatures do Mandrake and his Boggans ride?

6. What are Queen Tara's Last Words?

7. Are the leaf-men's helmets made out of acorns?

8. Why did MK's mom break up with Bomba?

9. What is the name of Mandrake's son?

10. What is the license plate on the taxi that brought MK to her father's house?

Answers: 1. Bomba 2. Marigold 3. Christoph Waltz 4. Bomba's Cameras 5. Crows, and Bats 6. "So Serious." 7. No, they are made out of metal. 8. She thought he spent to much time in fantasy land, and not in reality. She thought he was crazy, and spent to much time on his work. 9. Dagda 10. CLO-BUG

I Hope You've enjoyed this!!  If you got all the questions correct, Congratulations!!:)

See you Next Time!!

Here are a few random Epic Pictures!;)

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