I have recently been disheartened as I have come to realize that the number of people in the Epic fandom is dangerously low-at least compared to newer movies being released left and right. There are some people I have talked to who have never even heard of Epic!!

What's worse, is it is almost impossible to find decent gifs and photos other than the wallpaper, because so many people have been consumed with Frozen, which I have to admit is one of my favorite movies too. However, it is up to us. I noticed that there are only 3 active users on this wiki and only a handful of members! We can change that. We need to spread the word about Epic, bombard twitter and facebook, and get more fans for this awesome movie. In the meantime, it is our responsibilities to find pictures, make gifs, write fanfictions, and create fan art to make up for the lack elsewhere. Together, we can do it!!!

Suggestions: If anyone owns the movie, take high-quality screenshots and upload them. If you can, upload more videos to youtube. From youtube, you can use gif making websites to make gifs, or you can take screenshots and put them together. This fandom is counting on us!!

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